Track Flags & Boards




  1. All drivers must attend the drivers briefing (unless they hold the appropriate membership)
  2. All drivers must wear Overalls, Helmets and Gloves
  3. All drivers must obey ALL flags and decisions
  4. All drivers must approach the pits slowly
  5. No deliberate contact with another kart is allowed
  6. No Alcohol to be consumed before driving
  7. Any reckless driving will result in immediate Disqualification

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Important Information

Health and Hygiene - Personal Head Coverings must be worn by all adult drivers if using our helmets.You are more than welcome to provide your own balaclava OR purchase a top quality balaclava from us for only £2.00

**NOTE: From 1st May 2016, this will apply to all drivers including Children **

GoPro's / Cameras -  Unfortunately, due to new regulations by the N.K.A we are no longer allowed to let drivers use cameras mounted on helmets (or use helmets with any kind of mounting bracket on). This also applies to cameras being used via straps on your chest.