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Coronavirus Procedure Update

Being an outdoor leisure and sports centre we are able to provide activities during the current restrictions and are operating in line with government and local guidance and in compliance with the National Karting Associations Environmental Health Assured safety guidelines relating to the current situation. We are certified as a Covid-secure centre.

Please appreciate regular updates and amendments to guidelines, procedures and requirements may mean your activity needs to be adapted to ensure the best experience and safety for everyone.

Below are some of the procedures we have in place to make your visit covid-secure and for the benefit and safety of everyone. Any person not adhering to our covid procedures will be asked to leave the karting activity area, for the safety of our staff and other visitors.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Updated March 2020.

All bookings and attendees are asked to follow their local area guidance in terms of groups and travel.

All karting sessions are already required to have a first-aid qualified Race Director as standard.

All indoor areas with the exception of the toilets will be closed to visitor access, hot drinks are available from the clubhouse area.

With the exception of our arrive and drive sessions, all bookings offer exclusive track use to limit the number of people on site and restrict group mixing at any given time. (There will be other groups on site throughout the day)

All staff and visitors will be required to check in via the NHS track and trace app, or with the race director.

All visitors will be asked to use hand sanitiser regularly, with automatic dispensers available in the spectator areas.

All visitors are asked to wear a face mask at all times where social distancing of 2 meters cannot be maintained (unless wearing their race helmet and head covering/balaclava, or outdoors)

All visitors are asked to maintain social distancing of 2 meters. If another group is in the activity area, each group will be allocated their own area distanced from other groups. Groups will be separated into no more than 6 drivers.

All bookings are asked to avoid bringing any additional people such as spectators with them to minimise the number of people on site.

Before changing into racewear including helmets, each drivers temperature may be checked using a non-contact inferred thermometer. If your temperature is measured higher than 37.8*c (as recommended by the NHS), you will not be able to participate and may be asked to vacate the activity area, and should seek medical advice.

Drivers are issued their own personal balaclava, helmet, race suit and gloves for the duration of their event to avoid any cross contamination.
The balaclava and gloves are theirs to keep or dispose of afterwards.
The race suit and helmet are sanitised between use by ozone to regulatory standards.

Staff will sanitise all surfaces at regular intervals and between groups, this includes the karts.

Staff will wear facemasks for any situation where social distancing cannot be maintained at 2 meters. These may be removed when talking to drivers for example at the end of the safety briefing to ensure clear communication, but safe social distancing and outdoor environments will be maintained. All close contact interactions with drivers will require staff to have facemasks, such as when the drivers are in the karts and a marshal is assisting them.

In line with MotorsportUK’s guidelines, marshals are not required to wear a facemark while marshalling a session as drivers have full face helmets on, and are not in close contact with the marshals. In the event of an incident the marshal will be required to fit a facemask prior to approaching the drivers.