Drive against our fastest junior drivers aged 8-18!

Kart Club sees some of our fastest drivers aged 8 – 18 take to the track for several timed practice sessions. Grouped by age and experience, all drivers get laptime printouts from each session. Arrival at 9:15am followed by a safety briefing before taking to the track.
The event concludes by midday with our Kart Club Challenge! A special addition to Kart Club for 2019.
All equipment is provided, and marshals are happy to help drivers develop their driving and improve their laptimes.

Kart Club Challenge

A unique feature to Kart Club where drivers compete in a variety of challenges which test their ability behind the wheel. However, the challenges are designed so that all drivers are competitive, regardless of experience or their fastest laptime.

Challenges include:
Pursuit Elimination Races – (fastest drivers start at the rear and the driver in last every 2 laps is eliminated until the winner receives the chequered flag!)

Dial in Laptime Challenge – (following practice sessions drivers declare a laptime they think they can achieve in a single lap shootout. The driver who is closest to their declared laptime without going faster wins!)

Consistency Challenge – (The average of each drivers fastest lap of each sessions for is compared to their actual fastest lap, the smallest margin wins!)

Dual Direction Challenge – (A special event where the track is run in bothClockwise & Anti-Clockwise directions, the driver who has the smallest difference between the two track directions fastest laps wins!)


Saturday 23rd

Saturday 7th
Saturday 21st

PLEASE NOTE: Junior Kart Club is not suitable for beginners/novices to karting. You are advised to book into our new Race School session which are held on a Monday night, on a monthly basis.

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Important changes to the price of Junior Kart Club. If you decide to pay on the Saturday morning Kart Club will cost £25 per person. Alternatively if you pay in advance it will cost £20.

Want to compete at the next level?

Our monthly Sprint Series Championship and Race Events offer affordable, accessible and competitive racing for drivers in our Rookie, Cadet or Junior classes!

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