2016 Junior Open Grand Prix Format change

A new year means the start of another Junior Open Grand Prix Series with the biggest list of changes since its introduction.

For starters, the Grand Prix will still run on the second Tuesday of the month starting February all the way till November, with no event being run in August. Prices will increase £2, to £30 per round but all drivers will compete in separate Junior and Cadet classes as before.

The biggest change is that the Junior Open Grand Prix will no longer be run to our Super Prix format. This season all drivers will take part in three heats starting from the front, middle and back of the grid in 8 minute races and points will be awarded to where each driver finishes those races.

Depending on the turnout, we will have a number of finals of 10 laps (likely A, B and C) after the heats.

The lowest points scoring drivers will race first in the C Final with the winner of that race joining the next final from the back of the grid. The same will happen in the B Final. Only 1 point will be awarded to the winner of each final.

Heats : 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1
Fastest lap (in class) : 2 points
Win in a Final: 1 point
Driver of the Day (in class): 2 points

A drivers best seven out of nine round scores will count towards the championships.

We hope this new format maintains the great level of racing we’ve had and we look forward to Round 1 on Tuesday 9th February.


Alan and the Mr Karting team.