We will be changing the price for Junior Kart Club starting from Saturday 7th February 2015.

Pre book and pay in advance – £18 per person
Don’t worry Kart Club will still be priced £18 for anyone who pre books and pays for your child’s space by 6pm Friday – This can be done over the phone or using our online booking system.

Pre book and pay on day – £20 per person
If you pre book, but wish to pay on the day of the Kart Club it will cost £20 per person. Also if you decide on the day of a Junior Kart Club to book, not only will you risk being turned away due to a lack of spaces but you will also have to pay £20 as well.

What if I have pre-booked, but need to cancel
If you pre-book and need to cancel your child’s place at a Kart Club, don’t worry! We can forward your child’s place to the next Kart Club.

How can I book for Kart Club
The best method of booking is through our online booking system. A Paypal account is NOT required to book using this method, you just need to follow the simple and easy steps online. If you are worried about security, we can assure you that the system we use is very secure. Alternatively you can give us a call.

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Why are these changes happening?
We are making these changes to make the signing in process a lot easier and streamline, so that we can give all the drivers at Kart Club the most amount of track time as possible. We hope that you understand why we are making these changes.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Alan & Team at Mr Karting