Tricks on track at Warwickshire’s Award Winning Indoor Karting Circuit, Mr Karting!

Ryan Tricks, the magician behind channel 5Star’s TV show ‘Dirty Tricks’ tests the trust of champion kart racer Jake Rubio and attempts to drive the track BLINDFOLDED!

All motorsport comes with a warning that it is dangerous, and karts have no driver assisting features commonly found on modern cars… The 200cc petrol engine karts are capable of speeds up to 40mph, with no room for error! It’s a fast paced environment, with intricate controls so successfully driving the track while blindfolded would surely be impossible by yourself, and only the crazy would put their fate into a blind drivers hands!

Ryan Tricks is a magician, who has racked up an unimaginable 300 million + views on social media across the globe. Having never seen the circuit before, he will attempt to achieve the impossible!

Jake is no stranger to the track, having won two championships at the Warwickshire circuit, and will compete in the 2019 British championships, but when someone else, who don’t forget is blindfolded, is in control, will his nerves hold up?

Catch the feature in the final episode of ‘Dirty Tricks’ on TV Channel 5Star, Wednesday 27th February, 10pm!
Freeview channel: 30, Sky channel 128, Virgin Media channel 151 and avaliable on demand at www.my5.tv after the show!

You can get trackside and behind the wheel yourself, obviously without the blindfold, 7 days a week at Mr Karting! Call 01926833444 or visit www.mrkarting.co.uk or email [email protected] for more information.