Mr Karting
The same award winning karting we are known for… but now outdoors, at Adventure Sports Warwick!
Mr Karting
Mr Karting at Adventure Sports Warwick

Previously located in Leamington Spa, our award winning indoor circuit closed at the start of the Covid lockdown… but thanks to the team at Adventure Sports in Warwick, our karts now embrace the great outdoors come rain or shine, and even under floodlights at night!
Recently resurfaced, the fresh tarmac provides great levels of grip and performance, and the new extended circuit layout features several new challenges for the driver to navigate!

Our circuit is certified by the National Karting Association.

The circuit is located in 110 acres of outdoor activity centre in Warwick, where you can also enjoy other activities such as Paintball, Clay Shooting, Quad-Bike trecking and so much more! For multi-activity activity experiences, get in touch!

The Karts


Our 270cc petrol powered karts offer performance and parity while providing the latest safety features… however, there are no driver assists, so its all down to the driver! Our new fleet built in Italy by TB Karts are built from a racing pedigree.

For the competitive – All karts are tested by racers and kept within our performance tolernce to ensure fair and competitive racing.

For the safety concious –  Drivers who’s talent does not match their expectations can be restricted remotely, so race fairly! We will let you drive as fast as you want, as long as you are safe!

New or nervous drivers need not worry, our experienced race team will be on hand to help you get the most from your experience.

We also have Cadet karts for younger drivers from the age of 8!
We have a fleet of Senior karts using 270cc petrol engines, and a fleet of smaller 160cc petrol cadet karts for smaller drivers.